'Hour Maze'

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Fill the Maze with numbers from a Clock Face (1 to 12).
A Number’s ‘neighbor’ in the Maze - above, below, left or right, except if separated
by a maze wall - must be one of the two numbers nearest on a clock face.
For example: the number 5 could only have a 4 or a 6 next to it.

Samples of Hints:

The first sample below, a 6x8 Hour Maze, shows one Hint in each corner.

The second sample, a 6x10, shows all of the Eights and all of the Fives  as Hints.

The third sample, another 6x10, shows one each of all twelve numbers as Hints.

As in Sudoku, some numbers are left in place in the Hour Mazes to give players ‘Hints’ as to the solutions. 

In the Flash presentation, the Hints are indicated by a small, white box in the upper-right corner of their square. The Hints are fixed and can not be removed using the Blank Button.

The Hour Mazes are arranged by grid size, smallest to largest.  However, within each of those groupings, the puzzles are not arranged according to any category of challenge.

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